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Seminars – Texas Production Expo



This year’s Texas Production Expo is packed full of incredible seminars ranging from the technical to the operational to the philosophical. Full schedule and details on the website!

TPE 2019 Seminars




Videotex Seminar Room:

9:30 AM Newtek Presents: IP Workflow

Learn about new technology for sending high-quality low latency video over standard Ethernet networks. Not just a cable replacement, this new standard enhances your workflow with exponential new capabilities!

11:00 AM AJA Presents: HDR, 4K,  IP, 12G & Beyond

NAB 2019 brought significant advancement for IP Video, HDR & 4K, across live, delivery and post-production environments.

SMPTE 2110 is a universal standardization platform for IP interoperability: IP Video in finally getting low cost and interoperable! HDR implementations for both production and distribution (insert, remove, change, optimize for delivery…both live signal path and post). Also Including 4x3g/12g interoperability strategies for 4k and HD, recording 4k appliance options with 4k or multiple HD feeds, H.264 live encoding and recording.

12:45 PM Panasonic Presents: Varicam LT Live and EVA1 Live Cinema Camera Systems

Panasonic will review several key updates to the Varicam LT Live and EVA1 Live cinema camera systems, and have them on display. Also, the new industry buzzing AG-CX350 4K camcorder and new AW-UE150 4K production PTZ cameras will be presented.

2:30 PM RED Camera Presents: Tech 101

Understanding the RED Digital Cinema Eco-system

3:30 PM Rent-A-Studio Presents: What Does it Mean to be Diverse as a Filmmaker?

By Ananth Agasthya , Rent-A-Studio

DPA Seminar Room:

10:00 AM ZEISS Cinema Lenses Presents: “Full-Frame Cinematography is here to stay”

What is Full Frame or Large Format cinematography, and is this something you should know about?  Come find out in this easy-to-understand educational workshop sponsored by ZEISS.  Participants can be new or experienced cinematographers and directors of photography, or filmmakers who are curious about all the new choices available on the market.  Learn what it takes to elevate your art.

11:05 AM Location Scouting and Management

How to scout, secure and manage a filming location.  With Janis Burkland from Dallas Film Commission & Kim Davis, Location Manager. Moderated by Don Stokes

12:10 PM OWC Presents: Type-Confused

USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Gen 2, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, USB4, Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C: it gets all confusing, even for the tech savvy. Which one is better, what cables to use, aren’t they all just the same? Understanding can mean the difference between bottlenecks and a smooth workflow.

1:15 PM TM Television

The new Avid Media Composer and other NAB updates.

2:20 PM How to Market Yourself as a Freelancer

Key insights on how to market yourself from experts in the field.  Kim Karel Zink from ProductionHub is an expert in helping freelancers find clients.  Travis Petty is an accomplished DP, author, and entrepreneur who has great insights from a  successful freelancer’s perspective.  Moderated by Melanie Murphy

3:25 PM Building a Business in the Film Industry

Hear how two successful film industry businesses got started.  Ryan Schorman from Wooden Camera and Andrew Jones from Deity Microphones discuss how they started their businesses.  Moderated by Larry Rodriguez