2014 Seminar Schedule


9:30am – Live 4k Production with CION & Corvid Ultra – AJA
CION is a new 120fps 4k ENG camera. Bring that 4k into the Corvid Ultra & in realtime with live signal output, zoom into the footage over 33x using TruScale hardware scalers, assemble a slow motion and zoom replay or zip out sequences with TruZoom software. See the latest for great 4k from AJA.

11:00am – 4k Acquisition & Post with Kona 4, IO4k – AJA
Acquisition formats are thoroughly varied, deliverables are shifting & everyone appears to want everything at once. This seminar covers efficient, scalable & high quality acquisition, mastering and delivery strategies for 4k through HD. Featuring IO4k, Kona 3g, Kona 4 for editing & streaming and Ki Pro Systems Quad & Ki Pro Rack for professional capture.

12:30pm – Broadcast & Critical Color OLED Monitoring – Sony
With the new generation of OLED monitors, Sony truly raises the bar and gives broadcast, production and post-production editors, colorists and engineers something worth broadcasting.

2:00pm – TriCaster and 3PLAY Super Powers! – NewTek
Check out the latest NewTek TriCaster and 3PLAY Super Powers! NewTek representatives will present the powerful new capabilities of TriCaster, the most complete multi-camera production system as well as game changing 3PLAY, sports production and replay system.

3:30pm–Storage Workflow: Maximize Time & Money – G-Tech
From storing, transferring, editing and distributing content, G-Technology makes the workflow simpler, better and faster. Learn how to make the most of your time & money using the new G-SPEED Studio & G-RAID Studio systems.


10:00am – How to Shoot Amazing Green Screen – Alan Lefebvre
Learn the best techniques to light and shoot for green screen with veteran cinematographer Alan Lefebvre. Alan will guide you through best practices, things to look out for and hints on getting the shot just right.

11:30am – Best Green Screen Results in Post Production – J. Schuh
What good is knowing how to shoot for green screen if you don’t know how to work with the footage in post production? Master motion graphics artist J. Schuh will continue the green screen training by teaching the best methods of removing the background and compositing the shot into a new scene.

12:45pm – After Effects Tips & Tricks for Video Pros – J. Schuh
Whether you’ve dabbled with After Effects just a little bit or are a full fledged After Effects guru, you’re guaranteed to learn something new in this seminar. Veteran motion graphics artist J. Schuh reveals secrets and tips that will expand your knowledge of After Effects and inspire you to create dynamic motion graphics for your next production.

2:15pm – Get Ready to Race! Film Competition Secrets – Panel Discussion
If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a 24 or 48 hour film race but weren’t sure how to make a winning film, this panel of experts is sure to help you. Each panelist, an expert in film competitions, will provide tips and secrets that lead to their success so that your next film race will be a winner.

3:30pm – The One Man Bandit (or How to be a Preditor) – Panel Discussion
The video production world is constantly evolving and producers need to wear many hats on set. Today’s independent producer often works with minimal crew and budgets to carve out a niche. Learn from experts in this arena about how to work as a freelance producer, gain new clients and get big results with small crew or solo productions.